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What is Paperloveme?

Paperloveme Calligraphy at its heart is a small business with the main mission to create beautiful and elegant one-of-a-kind calligraphy and watercolor illustrations for people who are looking to manifest a joyous moment in their life.

By creating, designing, and carefully crafting items for people as well as teaching workshops, I feel that I am sharing my passion with the world. It's important to me that my work translates to a sentiment. Whether it is making a bride cry of happiness because her wedding stationery turned out exactly how she wanted it, or by calming the frustration on my students when they are having trouble with their tools. Making that kind of impact on someone's life is what Paperloveme is about.

Paperloveme’s core values are: Handmade is prettier | Community over competition | Happiness is what we make it | Elegance is minimalistic.

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My clients love me and I love them…

I didn’t have a single clue what I wanted for my wedding except that I wanted Giulissa to do my invites. She is a beautiful person inside and out and I love her and her work. She made beautiful save the dates for me and then made even more beautiful invitations. I did not have a vision in mind and just gave her what I generally liked and she went with it and made all my vague ideas into a beautiful reality. I also reached out to her to make thank you cards and Christmas ornaments for me.
I highly recommend Giulissa and I personally plan on using her whenever I can.
— Tina

Paperloveme Calligraphy owner

Meet the Maker

Hi, I am Giulissa!

Aka G! I am the calligrapher, designer, maker and creator of all things at Paperloveme Calligraphy. I make pretty things for people to enjoy, and I love teaching how to do them. 

As an artist and calligrapher, I hope you enjoy my work and I hope it brings you as much happiness as it brings me to make it. I brag about the fact that no inquiry, “crazy idea,” or challenge, is too much for me. Check out my Portfolio and Services for fun projects I have worked on.

In case you were wondering...

… where my accent comes from...
I was born and raised in Lima, Peru. I moved with my family to the United States in 2001, and I have called the San Francisco Bay Area my home ever since. My main language is Spanish, thus my funny accent. You will never see me talking in Instagram stories because my accent thickens even more than usual, and I pronounce things funnily whenever I am in front of the camera. I currently live in Bethlehem, PA with my soon to be husband.


… what I used to do before I created Paperloveme...
I have a Political Science and Paralegal degree that I never used. I have 12+ year career in Supply Chain and Logistics. I worked for the Chia Pets, and Clapper manufactures, yes! the ones from As Seen On TV, and I learned most of what this career was about there. Then I worked for Gumdrop Cases, and boy! I learned a lot about business strategies and operations there. All of this combined experience made me brave enough to start my own business.

… why and how Paperloveme was born…
I have always loved playing with paper and watercolors. I love letting my creativity flow in the form of lettering, calligraphy, watercolors and ink on paper. I have been making cards for friends and family for as long as I can remember. I stop playing with them a few years. About 7 years ago, I was feeling very stressed out about work, and I needed to distress somehow. So, I went back to my paper and colors.
Needless to say, calligraphy and watercolors have always been my greater companions and my source of calmness. Once I started practicing again, I never stopped relaxing and loving my "alone" time with my dear tools. I took classes to improve and develop new calligraphy styles and watercolor techniques.

In 2014, I decided to create a website and to give my "project" a name. I put my art and myself out there to see if people would like it. My friends and family were major supporters, and in late 2015, I opened my Etsy shop and things started to slowly grow. In 2016, I was going bonkers with my full time job and my business (I still giggle when I say that). By end of 2016, I decided to quit my job. Since January 2017, I have been a full time business owner. Even though, there has been a lot of wandering this year, I can’t wait for the new year to arrive and use everything I have learned this year, to make 2018 even a better year.

… what I do when I am not working…
I love spending time with my fiance, family and friends. I truly believe that in order to have a happy life you must make time for those who you love and love you. I also like to clean (yep! I am that kind of person). Having things organized and clean really puts me in a happy place. Also, bottomless brunch mimosas put me in a happy place. 

… about things you didn’t know about me…
I learned to drive at age 34 (2017)
I am an introvert. I am unable to start a conversation. Once I get to know you though, no one can stop me from talking!
I don’t know how to swim
I love llamas
I founded a non-profit organization in 2009, called Do Good Lab


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