Wednesday Tip: Make ink with Pearl Ex


Here I will show you how to make inks with PearlEx. They are both my favorite metallic inks along with the Winsor and Newton inks.

Pearl Ex

Pearl Ex comes in many different colors and sizes. It is a super fine pigmented powder that comes in bottles like the below. In order to make this powder look like ink and be able to use it with calligraphy, we need to mix some products together. Think of it like a recipe. 


Pearl Ex (I am using rose gold), Windsor and Newton Gum Arabic, water and an empty container.

All ingredients

All ingredients

All ingredients from atop

All ingredients from atop


With a tiny spoon add 3 teaspoons of Pearl Ex in an empty container.

Add 3 teaspoons of Gum Arabic to the container where you placed the Pearl Ex

Add water, about 4 teaspoons, to the container. Stir with a brush until there is no clumps.

Tada! There you have it! Ink ready to use. Keep in mind that you should stir your mix every 5 minutes or so. You will notice that if you don't, you will likely see the Pearl Ex sinking on the bottom. 

You can make as much ink as you need, just double or triple the measurements provided!

I am happy to answer any questions so feel free to post them below!

Happy hump Wednesday calligraphy tip day! 



Wednesday Tips: Pointed Nibs

Pointed Nibs

Modern Calligraphy is all about the pointed nibs. How flexible a nib will determine how thick a downstroke will be. There are 2 kinds of pointed nibs, flexible and stiff.

Kinds of Nibs

Stiff nibs are usually recommended to beginners as they require extra pressure when pressing down to create a thick downstroke. Good examples of these nibs are: Nikko G and Tachikawa G Nib .

Flexible nibs are mostly recommended to calligraphers with some experience since they are able to control the pressure level when pressing down to create a downstroke without hurting the nib. Good examples for these nibs are: Leonardt #40 (Blue Pumpkin) and Leonardt 33 Nib . 



Do you ever wonder how a nib works? It is simple. There are 2 components of the nib's body you should really care about. The Vent Hole and the Slit. The Vent Hole holds the ink. The Slit opens to let the ink travel to the paper. Pressure against the paper is what opens the slit which releases the ink from the vent hole.

New Nib

When you purchase a new nib, they are not quite ready to be dipped in the ink yet. Nibs are usually oily when coming out or manufacturing so you will need to prepared before using them. There are many ways to prepare a nib. Here are a couple of ways, you can do this: 


You can light up a match and once you inserted the nib on your pen pass the nib over the fire about 3 times. All oil is now gone.



Starch removes oils, so if you have a potato at home, insert the nib in the potato a few times and problem solve. 


In both occasions, do not forget to clean your nib after by rubbing it with a paper towel.

A nib is just one of the most essential tools of modern calligraphy. They are many other components that are needed to start learning this beautiful art. To learn more, please check out my blog, subscribe to my newsletter, or follow me on Instagram

Pretty Envelope Liners

Pretty Envelope Liners

Who doesn't like beautiful envelopes? No one, right?! We all love them. Specially if they come in the mail addressed to you. And for me, I love making them too. So here I am, writing a quick post about how to make them.