Wednesday Tip: How To Use Finetec Watercolor Pan for Calligraphy


Hello calligrafriends!

Yay! for Wednesday and calligraphy tips. Today we are talking about Inks. Specifically about Finetec Pans. If you have taken any of my in-person classes for Modern Calligraphy for Beginners or purchased my workbook , you have heard me talk about the Finetec Watercolor Pan (see image below).


They come in pallets of all shades of gold, awesome pearl colors like rose gold, copper, etc, and you can also refill your pallet per pan.

Interested in buying? I put together these links for you to get them in Amazon, and if you have Prime, you can buy them with free shipping.


How to Use It

How to use it is very easy! Simply mix water in the pan and with the help of a brush add pigment under and over your pointed nib. Refill as necessary.

I made a video for you!

Finished look. I used the Tibet-Gold shade.

Finished look. I used the Tibet-Gold shade.

I hope you enjoyed this and answered all your questions. If you still unsure of have questions, please feel free to post them below!

Happy practicing!