Envelope: Pretty Envelope Liners

Who doesn't like beautiful envelopes? No one, right?! We all love them. Specially if they come in the mail addressed to you. And for me, I love making them too. So here I am, writing a quick post about how to make them. Let's begin.

I have so much fun sending snail mail to my friends and family. Not only for their birthdays and to invite them for Friendsgiving dinner (yes, I am that person), I also like making one for each wedding I go to. Nothing says fancy better than a pretty envelope. 

What do I need?

1. Envelope liner envelope

2. Handmade paper or any pretty paper

3. Pencil, scissors, glue (either of these: Martha Stewart Crafts all purpose gel adhesive , Elmer's all purpose glue stick, Tombow MONO Removable Adhesive Applicator)

Where do I get them?

For envelopes - I think your best bet is Paper Source not only because they have a great selection of colors and they are pretty affordable, but also because they always come up with beautiful unique color during seasons. 

Liners - I make my own. The reason is because an envelope is actually pretty generic. But the liner, that is where you have fun. The liner allows you to incorporate your personality, the recipient personality if you wish and also the occasion. I like using either handmade paper or paper pads. I love getting my handmade paper from World Market, they are just amazing quality and the prettiest you have seen. They usually run about $3 to $4 a roll. I like getting paper pads from Michaels I love snitching them when they are on sale.

How do I make it pretty?

1. Cut the liner template provided in the Modern Calligraphy for Beginner's Workbook provided to you in class or if you purchase it here. If you have not attended my class or purchased my workbook, here is a sneak peak file that you can download.

2. Outline the template on the pretty paper that you purchase. Cut the outline on the pretty paper.

How do I assemble?

3. Insert cut paper liner inside the envelope (no glue yet).

4. Fold the top of the liner that aligns with the top fold of the envelope.

5. Glue the top of the liner, which means only the triangle top part of the liner.

6. Done! =D

I cannot send just pretty envelopes, can I?

No, it would actually be lovely if you can include a pretty card. So, here you go!


1. Use a card from Paper Source or from any store. I would recommend anything that is at least 110 lb cardstock. Otherwise, the ink will spread all over card. 

Needing tools or want to learn? Go here.

Hand-writing modern calligraphy on stock with a Nikko G and Sumi ink

Watercolor pallet from Artist's Loft found at Michael's and water brush calligraphy.

I hope you enjoyed this post and that from now on your envelopes are even prettier than they used to be. Please subscribe to my newsletter to receive more blog post updates, freebies, and coupons. Please feel free to comment below if you have any questions about calligraphy, paper or if you have suggestion on something you would like me to do a post about.

Thank you so much for reading and have a great day!