Wednesday Tip: Make ink with Pearl Ex


Hello Calligrafriends!

Yay! for Wednesday and calligraphy tips. Today we are talking about Inks. Specifically, we are talking about PearlEx. If you have taken any of my in-person classes for Modern Calligraphy for Beginners or purchased my workbook, you have heard me talk about the superfine PearlEx powder and how easy is to make inks with it. Here I will show you how to make inks with PearlEx. They are both my favorite metallic inks along with the Winsor and Newton inks (I will talk more about these ones in the future).

What is Pearl Ex?

Pearl Ex comes in many different colors and sizes. It is a super fine pigmented powder that comes in bottles like the below. Both sizes will last you for a while, but if you want to start out by having lots of colors to play with, the small cups with will well as they also come with Powder Gum Arabic. If you know that you will be using lots of gold, then a bigger bottle will be better for you.

How to Use it?

In order to make this powder look like ink and be able to use it with calligraphy, we need to mix some products together. Think of it like a recipe. 


All ingredients

All ingredients

All ingredients from up top

All ingredients from up top


  • With a tiny spoon add 2 part of Pearl Ex in an empty container.
  • Add 1 part of Gum Arabic to the container where you placed the Pearl Ex
  • Add 2 parts of water to the container. Stir with a brush until there is no clumps. Then add extra 3 parts of water and keep mixing.

Tada! There you have it! Ink ready to use. Keep in mind that you should stir your mix every 5 minutes or so. You will notice that if you don't, you will likely see the Pearl Ex sinking on the bottom. For better results, let your ink rest for a day so the Gum Arabic thickens the ink.

You can make as much ink as you need, just double or triple the measurements provided!

I am happy to answer any questions so feel free to post them below!

Happy hump Wednesday calligraphy tip day and Happy Practicing!