Calligraphy Kit - How To Get Started

Your Calligraphy Kit

My Calligraphy Kit is incredibly affordable, and a great way to start exploring the art of Modern Calligraphy. Learn how to start using it here!

When I first started to become curious about calligraphy, I was a little overwhelmed. There were so many blogs talking about Modern Calligraphy and what tools to use, but none of them were consistent with what were to correct tools to start with. I didn't want to spend a lot of money trying every calligrapher's favorite tools, and I was really scared of getting the wrong thing.

This kit provides you with the most common tools. You will hear about them all over the internet, and I can guarantee you, these are the right tools to start with; easy and simple for you. You receive: 

  • Two nibs: Nikko G & Blue Pumpkin

  • One pot of Sumi ink with a wood dinky dip holder

  • One straight & oblique pen

  • Three lined practice sheets

  • Two alphabets

calligraphy kit how to

As mentioned, this kit includes the very basic tools and guidance. If you are interested in learning techniques, how to assemble your tools, how to get started and letter formation, you should really get my Modern Calligraphy for Beginners Workbook. I use this same workbook and tools for all my in-person classes. If you are reading this, but do not have a calligraphy kit, no worries! The Modern Calligraphy Kit for Beginners has it all!

If you only have the Calligraphy Kit, I made a short video for you. The video shows you how to get the nib onto the pen, and how dip you should be inserting it.

Once you have assembled your nib and pen together. Make sure that you prep your nib before you start writing. To learn more about this, please read my blog Wednesday Tips: Pointed Nibs - Kinds & How to Prep Them.

Now, you are all set! Here is another small video to show to get started.

I hope you enjoy using your Calligraphy Kit. Please refer to my blog for more tips about Modern Calligraphy. In addition, feel free to enroll in my Newsletter to receive updates on new tips, free gifts, and discount codes.