A Note From Me: I am ready to tell you my secret. It's bittersweet

Hi lovelies,

Happy March! I feel that time passes faster and faster every year, and I am usually complaining about it. But when March comes around, I love it. It is the beginning of the end of the cold aka winter, haha. Also, it is the beginning of longer days because of daylight savings. It brings Spring, and all the beautiful pastel colors with it, and in order to keep positive spirits, let’s skip the fact that it also brings allergies. It gives you the chance to drink disgusting green drinks for Saint Patrick’s day. And did you know that we celebrate International Day of Happiness and World Water Day in March? It is an eventful month.


March is also the month when I am ready to tell you my bittersweet news - I am leaving my beloved Bay Area. I have been living in the San Francisco Bay Area for almost 20 years. This is my home. My family, friends, and so many memories are all here. My fiance and I have decided to move to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania where I will be relocating Paperloveme Calligraphy at the end of April. We have his family there, new friends we haven’t met yet, and new memories to build together.

I am saddened by the fact that I won’t be seeing the people I love as often as I used to. I won’t get to work with people I have come to love working with, and I won’t be helping/meeting all the new clients I would have met if I were to stay here. Yet, I am also very excited about what’s to come for me and Paperloveme. 

Through the years, my fiance and I have come to strengthen our relationship and shape our goals, at a personal level and as a couple. This is why and how Paperloveme came about, and this is also why we are moving. Since day one, we always wanted as a couple to buy a property. We didn’t know when or how, but we knew that saving money would get us there at some point. Unfortunately, in order to buy a property in the Bay Area, you will have to wait a long while, and save quite a bit more, to get “there.” So, in order to achieve our goals, we decided that moving to a place where we could make our goals come true, was what we wanted to do at this point in our lives. We purchased a lovely property in the Southside of Bethlehem less than an hour away from Philadelphia and New York. We are so happy to start this new adventure.


Paperloveme will take a little break in order to move from California to Pennsylvania at the beginning of May, but it will be up and running really short after we get there. I will continue to teach classes in the Bay Area whenever I come visit. I have had an Etsy shop for many years, so I am used to working with people online and shipping everywhere. I am hoping to keep connecting with everyone I know over here even though I am there. And connect with even more people closer to the East Coast.

In the meantime, I will keep maintaining the blog with helpful content, like small videos of the alphabets. I figured that if you ever need to remember how to start, a video is always a quick reminder.

Last but not least, I have other more fun things to share with YOU! Since Easter is on April 1rst, I wanted to share with you my Pinterest board for Easter Brunch in March. I have great recipes and decor in case you are hosting brunch for friends or family. At the same time, super cute cards for Easter are available in the shop. 2 days late, but your March wallpaper desktop is available for grabs. 

Enjoy this beautiful month friends!



P.S. Sorry for the long letter! Xo