Envelope Template : How To Address Your Envelopes In A Straight Line

envelope template

Hello Calligrafriends!

Yay! to Christmas time and Yay! to craft parties! Christmas is probably the only time of the year you will have to send multiple cards at once. If you are calligraphy lover like I am, there is no better way to surprise the recipient of your beautiful Christmas cards, than addressing them elegantly in calligraphy. 

However, it can quickly become a tedious task if they don't look as pretty as you may want them to look like. They may look cricket or perhaps you forgot to leave some space for the stamp? It has happened to me! So, I know the pain.

I have created a template that will make your envelopes look clean and the address in a straight line. This template also has guidelines per sentence. Just so you have a clear idea of the hight of your words when writing them. 


You can print this template in any kind of paper at home, and as many times as you want. You just need a letter size piece of paper.

1. Print this Envelope Template for A6 size envelope, in any kind of paper.

2. I place my envelope inside the box of the template frame.

3. Place a ruler over the guidelines and either write with one hand and put pressure on the ruler to hold the envelope. Or draw the lines with a pencil and really lightly. A HB pencil is preferable.


4. If I am tracing all the lines, I use washi tape to secure one corner of the envelope.

5. Once the lines are traced, I confidently start writing! I use the left side guides to remind me what information goes on what line, and the little * on the right side to keep track of what line I am using. 

6. Ta daaaaa! You are done! Let your ink dry for at least 30 minutes, if you are doing calligraphy. If you are using gel pen or brushes, let it dry at least 15 minutes. Once dry, make sure you erase the pencil lines with a white eraser (no color eraser please!).

I hope this helps you finish your cards a bit faster and more accurately. Remember, the most important part is to have fun! 

Happy Holidays!



P.S. I used the Dr. Ph. Martin's Bleedproof White for ink, and Nikko G for the nib. If you are interested in using gold ink, check out my blog post on How To Make Your Own Ink.

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