Calligraphy Workbook


Want to learn calligraphy from the comfort of your home? You got it!

There are many online course out there that teaches you calligraphy, watercolor calligraphy or brush hand-lettering. Usually, they want to download a file, print and start learning. With calligraphy however, it is not just the guiding sheets, but most importantly the tools. But, how do you know what paper to print this on, and what materials to start with? 

If you are like me, who prefers to touch and receive a full package that will REALLY help me start to learn, then you are in the right place.

I have created a workbook for beginners. My workbook helps you learn calligraphy from tools to basic of words and most importantly hands on exercises that allows to build up the muscle memory that you need to start practicing calligraphy.

I use this workbook in all my in-person classes. It is easy to use and straight to the point.