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Liz Deposit


-Seating Arrangement will have to be finalized on monday or tuesday because the planner is gone all weekend and has to reconfigure the drawings but i am going to give you everything else now. 
-I will let you tell me what size is going to work best for this. i dont want to make it feel like the fonts have to be big because of the sign frame. I will buy the frame once you lay it out and see what size it will fit best on. 

The seating chart i like most is the one i think you said it’s the cheapest?? It’s the one with the calligraphy welcome and then everyone alphabetical with their table number next to the name. 

2. PLACE CARDS w/ names only - I will send as soon as i get the ink colors. 
-We only want the first name on the card. 
-When you send me the pics of the ink colors i can send the spreadsheet with the color next to each name or i can sort it by color whatever is easiest. 

3. Welcome Sign
-I will let you decide on the size to buy based on how it fits but i am guessing 18x24 will probably be perfect. 
-I want it to include the following but not necessarily in this order. Again, whatever you think looks best. And mixing the calligraphy with regular “typed” looking font is also fine with me as well.

Welcome to our wedding. (or welcome to the wedding of elizabeth & wes)

Please choose a seat, not a side. We’re all family now, there’s nowhere to hide. (or pick a set not a side again not picky so whatever is fine)

Elizabeth & Wes (if not used above) 


#meekeratthealtar (if it fits probably at the bottom) 

4. Dancing Shoes (8 x 10) horizontal

5. Favors Please take one - you can lay this out however you’d like. if the please take one doesn’t fit well then just do favors (5 x 7) horizontal

6. Gifts & Cards (5 x 7) horizontal or vertical

7. Bar Menu (whatever size) 
-Beer & Cider: Stella Artois, Modelo Especial, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Angry Orchard Cider
-Wine: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Zinfandel & Sparkling Wine

8. Signature Cocktail sign (whatever size - we may just want this separate since we are only doing the cocktail during cocktail hour)
 The Hey Girl Hey Paloma
  Tequila, grapefruit juice, lime

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