Does the cost of the classes include all materials?

Yes, friend! It includes EVERYTHING. You only need to bring your beautiful self, desire to learn, and tons of smiles. You also get to take all the materials home with you!

What should I expect?

Lots of fun! But also you should expect: a beautifully personalized station with all your tools and workbook, a workbook that has all information needed plus hands-on exercises, snacks, drinks, new friends, a DIY project, and you get to take it all home! 

Can I ask questions even after the class?

Yes, please! Feel free to contact me whenever you have any questions or are unsure of how something work. Email is definitely the best way!

What if I have exhausted all my practice sheets?

Don't worry! I got you covered. All students have access to my private Student Hub for unlimited download of the same practice sheets you have in the workbook. Be sure to print them in laser paper not inkjet.

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Wedding Calligraphy

Do you charge for phone consultation?

Not at all! unless it goes over 15 minutes. I am happy to chat with you anytime!

What if I have ordered my invitations from somewhere and I just need calligraphy for some items, can you help?

Yep! Just let me know and I can work with you on anything that you need done.

What is your turn around time for envelope calligraphy and wedding of stationery?

Usually, it takes me 2 weeks from the day the details are settled.

I procrastinated a little or my previous vendor flaked, I need my envelopes or place cards ASAP, can you get them or done for me in less than a week time?

Oh boy! I am sorry to hear that. Yes! I will happy to help, but be aware that there is a $50 rush fee.

I am not located in the Bay Area, can you still help me?

Of course, I ship everywhere in the US.

I would like a sign done for my wedding. Do you do signs?

Yes! I do all kinds of signs for wedding on paper for you to insert in a nice frame, on chalkboards, on glass, acrylic, mirrors, leather... etc. Let me know what you have in mind and we can work together!

Can I drop my sign and you write on it?

Yeah! Come by anytime, just give me a heads up.

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Sending Love

What is this service?

This service is design for the busy one. In other words, you want to send a card to your mom, dad, sister or friend for their birthday or any special occasion, but the truth of the matter is, you just don't have time. You are just too busy to go to a store to get a card, to find stamps and a mailbox. 

This service allows you to pick a card, type a note, fill the from and to information, check out and forget about it. I take care of the rest. The cool thing is, you didn't have to move away from your computer, and yet, that person who received the card will feel that you really cared for them. Brilliant, right?

What do you mean, you "take the care of the rest"?

It means, I hand-write the note for you on the card, in free style handwriting, address the envelope, stamp it, and drop it in the mail for you. Ta da!

Will they know it came from you or will they think it came from me?

The only branding is there here is from the card. The same way if you would buy a card from Hallmark. In the envelope, the from info is from you and the to info is them. So, they won't have a clue that I "took care of it."

Well, my handwriting is not as nice as yours. Would that give me away?

Nope because I handwrite the note in a free form style. It is not calligraphy.

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I don't see this anywhere in your website, I wonder if you can do this for me?

If it has anything to do with calligraphy, lettering or watercolor most likely, yes. Reach out to me and I will happy to see if I can help. 

I want you to write a poem, song, etc for me to frame, can you this for me?

Of course I would love to! Just let me know what are you looking for.

Can you illustrate my house for me? I want it as a keepsake to frame.

OMG! what a cute idea... yes, I would love that!

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Custom Calligraphy & Illustrations