Sending Love From A Distance


Sometimes is just not possible to be there for every important moment.


You wish you were home home to give your mom a hug on Mother's Day, or tell your dad how proud you are of him for his retirement. Send kudos to your brother or sister for graduation, or be at the dinner table for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Yet, wouldn't be nice to send something a bit more personal to the people you love other than a text message or an email?

Sending Love From a Distance was created for busy people like you.

Photo by Wavebreakmedia/iStock / Getty Images

Pick a card.

Type your note.

I will take care of the rest.


I will hand-make your greeting card with the utmost care. I will write your note, stamp the envelope, and mail it for you.

Your loved ones will receive something beautiful, unique, and special.

Just like them.


Looking for custom or personalized cards or items?