Modern Calligraphy Set | Modern Calligraphy Workbook Kit


Modern Calligraphy Set | Modern Calligraphy Workbook Kit


Want to learn calligraphy from the comfort of your home? You got it!

There are many online courses out there that teach you calligraphy, watercolor calligraphy or brush hand-lettering. But online classes have disadvantages like they don't come with tools, no one is able to give you feedback. Downloadable worksheets or workbooks also have disadvantages like, again, they come with no tools and usually, they want you to download a file, print and start learning. But, what kind of paper to use?

So many questions and so much wondering!

If you are like me, who prefers to receive a full package of EVERYTHING you need to know and need to start right away, then you are in the right place.

I have created a workbook for beginners. My workbook helps you learn calligraphy by recognizing the tools, letter formation, and most importantly hands-on exercises that allow you to build muscle memory. All you need to do is start practicing!

Most importantly, it gives you access to my private page on the website, STUDENT HUB. In the Student Hub, you will find re-printable worksheets with instructions of how to print and what paper to use, videos to help you learn, and resources for everything in the calligraphy world. You will have no reason why to stop practicing!

I use this workbook in all my in-person classes. It is easy to use and straight to the point.

This Packet includes:

Your first set of tools:

**** 1 Straight pen holder

**** 1 Oblique pen holder

**** 2 nibs (1 Nikko G and 1 Blue Pumpkin)

**** 1 pot of ink

Modern Calligraphy for Beginners Workbook

* Description of main tools

* Suggested tools to add to your first collection and when you are ready to move on to the next level

* Hand posture, sitting posture and proper position of the hand

* Printed quotes that you can use as decor or to DIY

* Warm-up exercises to learn basic formation of letters

* 2 Styles of Copperplate inspired alphabets (upper and lower case)

* Uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and sentences exercises

* DIY templates

* Access to students only VIP page for freebies and more

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